The DeNardo Consulting Group hired us for a comprehensive business image makeover in 2002. Our work included the development of a new logo, complete website design and content creation, along with all of the typical printed assets like business cards, letterheads, and presentation templates. We refreshed and rebuilt the site in 2010.
Talbot House Ministries has served Lakeland for 32 years and has established a strong bond with its core supporters as well as the citizens it serves and who benefit from its offerings. 
But this is a new century and Talbot House sought a refreshed image that would help it appeal to new benefactors and help convey the complexity of its services and impact in a simple and straightforward way. Learn more at
This image says "Razzle Dazzle" and that's just what Miss Laura wanted to convey to her audience - kids and adults who will be blown away by the amazing creations she and her assistant, The Mighty Jojo, conjure up with hot air and imagination. See more at
Lakeland's iconic Munn Park is the city's signature location, and Arts on The Park is one of its most prized inhabitants. 
The recently renewed and reinvigorated board of directors sought to update the image and harken to its heritage at the same time. See everything that's new at
Greg Mugg, president of the Fearn Partnership, a Lakeland-based commerciual Real Estate brokerage, asked us to design a brand new website and refresh the company's logo. See the results at
DealerTrack, an automotive industry services company, asked a designers website (CrowdSpring) to create a new logo that reflected their great appreciation of the automobile and its history as well as their 21st century approach to technology and the solutions it can provide. 
We didn't win the order but we like what we came up with. The original logo is still in use at
Jim Malless, a cellular communications industry consultant, is building a new website and strengthening his brand. More to come. 
The Downtown Lakeland Partnership's monthly First Friday event has grown over the last eight years into one of the most anticipated and well-attended entertainment destinations in the city. 
A collaborative effort itself, this branding image also reflects the partnership at work, bringing together ideas and input from a variety of stakeholders. Visit